“We call it in, and we’re given all the clearances that are necessary, all the approvals and everything else, and then we do something called the Light of God – the Marines like to call it the Light of God. It’s a laser targeting marker. We just send out a beam of laser and when the troops put on their night vision goggles they’ll just see this light that looks like it’s coming from heaven. Right on the spot, coming out of nowhere, from the sky. It’s quite beautiful.” Drone’s Eye View: A Look at How Artists are Revealing the Killing Fields

Paradise lost

September 30th Drool

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Swans, led by one Michael Gira, are the only band around right now to combine the abrasive militancy of classic American noise rock with mind-boggling avant-garde imagination.

Instead of devils we all get boyfriends


So my friends

dream of my

dick while I 

dream of showing

them my dick.

We all like

Ken Russell films.

We believe in

what we are

doing whole-heartedly,

passionately, and simply

go about our 

business. I suppose

such things can

be annoying to

some people. Everyone

loves my dick.


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Helen Frankenthaler's Blue Form in a Scene (1961) and Grace Hartigan's Sweden (1959) in Shaping a Collection: Five Decades of Gifts.
Photograph via heatherripleyart.

jonas wood
interior with fireplace, 2012

Robert Morris - Untitled, 1968

Tracey Emin, Sometimes the Dress is Worth More Money Than the Money, 2000